Types of Cottages

In early days a cottage was a traditional old-fashioned property, but in the modern sense cottages are very decent, cozy and have state of the art facilities and provide a comfortable stay. There are different types of Cottages and they come as detached, terraced or mobile houses.


Mobile Cottages

As the name suggest this type of cottage is movable and can be attached to any vehicle like a truck and can be pulled to whichever spot or location desired. The greatest advantage of this type of cottage is that one can enjoy all the comfort of being at home, without unnecessary packing and carrying things. And the other advantage is one can tow the cottage and park in any desired location by the travelers. They are very popular and affordable nowadays. A mobile cottage normally houses a main room, kitchen area, bedrooms and bath and toilet for their comfort.


Forest Cottages

Forest cottages are commonly located in a forest. The people who use such cottages are mostly nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers or those who prefer privacy. Most commonly hunters, campers, mountain climbers, students on vacation are those who rent such cottages. These cottages are well protected and have reliable septic systems. They are also well equipped to have the basic necessities in term of water and lighting.


Holiday cottages

These are the most popular cottages in this era. These types of cottages are under the management of hotel service providers. They are mostly detached from one another. They are well decorated and neatly maintained to give an aesthetic value to the users. They can be booked under different pricing plans and can accommodate a given number of people at a given time. Holiday cottages are mostly situated near popular attraction or tourist sites that attract heavy traffic to the area. They are also called as summer cottages.


Farm or ranch cottages

These types of cottages are very common in rural or semi-rural areas. They imbibe the countryside appearance and are made from locally available materials like bamboo, or thatched roof. Farm cottages open up avenues for people to know about life in the country side where one can learn about farming, ranching, Mountain biking, horse riding and enjoy those as well. Farm cottages are common especially in apple, grape farms that have wineries or in farms that breed horses.



A huge benefit of renting a cottage is the facility to cook like at home. Eating out is so expensive and it’s always a better option to eat one’s own cooked healthy food. A comfortable cottage is a “home away from home” where one can enjoy family time in a much more comfortable spacious room. Staying in cottages is always cost effective. More number of members can be accommodated under a single roof. One can experience different décor, different views, different experience etc. There is lots of privacy in cottages where usually private balconies and private entrances are there. It is less crowded and there is no need to bump into strangers as in a stay at a hotel. As cottages are usually located in gated communities or resorts there is no concern for security. Above all there is always the memory that one carries for a lifetime.



Normally all of the cottages are self-contained and furnished in an individual style with features such as vaulted ceilings, beam ceilings, wooden floor with natural stone walls. The cottages have wood burning stoves and oil fired central heating. They include modern day technologies like flat screen televisions, free view digital boxes and DVD players and free WiFi. The kitchens are equipped with storage cupboards, electric cookers, microwave ovens, fridges, and dishwashers. All of the cottages have bathrooms attached.